Best Mobile Phone Customer Service

Whether you need a new battery or warranty information, our customer support team is available 9 am – 9 pm CST Monday through Friday.  Our customers rank and recommend us highly for service and support.

For Distributors

Our worldwide distributors and dealers successfully operate their stores and service centers throughout Afghanistan, Africa, Pakistan, UAE, and the United States. We need you, too! For inquiries please write to us at

Contact us and we’ll walk you through what you need to know to distribute and market our mobile phones.  When questions arise about specs or service, we’re here to support you and your team.

For End Users

We provide the best mobile phone customer service by quickly and courteously managing your calls and delivering cell phone solutions.  Contact us if you’d like to buy another screen protector or phone case. We’ll get you set up. We sell extra batteries, cords, accessories, and phone parts, too. Let us show you why our customers remain loyal to RedDot Mobile! We stand behind the value of our products and services.