Bluetooth® Headset

You’re a mover and a shaker – always on the go with no time to slow.  You need a headset that can keep up. You’ll find the ideal Bluetooth headset for business, travel, family, and recreation through our RedDot® Mobile distributors. Comfortably slip on our innovative headsets to enjoy quality sound. Our R660 comes complete with a vibrating call alert with talk times up to 15 hours (for those moments when your friends call). The built-in microphone and speaker provide hands-free use at incredibly reasonable prices, so you can exercise at the gym, head to the market, or walk crosstown while conversing.

Wired and Bluetooth® Headphones

After you’ve downloaded your latest, favorite album, turn to our wired or Bluetooth headphones to deliver the intricacies of each note while you sip coffee at your local café.  Discover our lightweight headphones with sound boosting, natural playback, and sensitivity from 105 decibels to -3 decibels.

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