We strive to deliver the highest quality mobile devices, headsets, and gadgets at the most affordable prices in order to empower individuals, businesses, and organizations to better the world through communication.



We’re changing the way you interact with mobile technology with help from the brilliant and hard-working go-getters on our international team. RedDot Mobile’s executives actively seek innovative employees to create quality products at reasonable prices.

RedDot Mobile’s executive team delivers visionary leadership rooted in dynamic backgrounds consisting of information and communications technology; research and development; sales and marketing; business development; and information systems management. Our leaders have been part of the mobile telecommunications industry for nearly twenty years!

Elie "Lee" Maloof, CEO

Elie “Lee” Maloof is the founder and CEO of RedDot Mobile Phone Company and Quantum Global Networks, Inc., which offers card payphones and pre-paid calling card services. In 2008, he guided Quantum through the successful acquisition of REDtone, a telecommunications company based in Pakistan since 2005. Maloof’s extensive experience in the hospitality and construction industries contribute to his vision for RedDot Mobile’s products. Maloof attended Louisiana State University and enjoys family outings and travel.

Nadeem Yunus, C.O.O.

Engineer Nadeem Yunus holds a post graduate electrical engineering master’s degree from Pakistan. He’s spent most of his career in the telecommunications industry and operates one of the largest Pakistani-based electrical contracting companies, with offices in Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Yunus is instrumental in developing key strategic partnerships with major telecom players in the Middle East and Asia. In his spare time Yunus plays a good game of tennis.

Jahangir Khan, Principal

You might know Jahangir Khan for his amazing accomplishments in squash. He won the World Open six times and the British Open a record ten times during the 1980s. Today he remains one of Pakistan’s most beloved sports heroes.  We’re honored to bring his global appeal, relationships, and determination to the leadership team of our mobile phone company. He challenges each of us to be our very best with his words, “Without hard work and discipline it is difficult to be a top professional.” When Khan isn’t serving on boards and committees, he looks forward to playing Yunus in a friendly game of tennis.

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